Flood insurance a must, most policies do not cover

I feel terrible for these families, but I noticed that one of the homeowners mentioned that they are “not in a flood zone” and also “knew that insurance would not cover it” (The Maui News, Sept. 30). It’s a shame that the Maui News did not take this opportunity to explain flood insurance so the public understands what it is and what it covers.

The National Flood Insurance Program (NFIP) offers everyone flood insurance as a separate policy. NFIP was established because insurance companies refuse to cover flood damage. In my opinion, everyone should get a flood policy, because it can flood anywhere that it rains, not just in a flood zone.

However, only people who live in a flood zone are usually required by their mortgage companies to carry a flood policy, because they are at higher risk. But everyone should know that they can buy a supplemental flood policy. Their insurance agents should recommend it. It can flood anywhere that it rains and every year I read stories about people who lose everything because their houses have flooded.

It only takes 12 inches of water in your house to ruin your whole electrical system. Flood insurance is relatively cheap if you are not in a flood zone, so I wish more people would get it, and that there was more awareness about this. Most people assume that they are covered from flood (aka rising water) and unfortunately, most are not.

Kimberlee Lauer



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