Government barriers signals of corruption

When a government sets up barriers to protect itself from the people, or to hide its actions and motivations from the people, it has become corrupt. Barriers take many forms. There are barriers to knowledge and to change. Some are bureaucratic or legal; some are electoral; some are the ink squirts of treachery and subterfuge. The purpose of all of these barriers is to protect those in power from the people, rather than the people from the powerful.

History tells us that some of the people can be fooled most of the time. At this moment, we continue to elect ignorant, doddering or corrupt congresspeople.

Christians understand what I am writing. The Son of their God lost a vote to Barabbas. Barabbas was a thief, a murderer or a violent insurrectionist. As the two men stood before their accusers, or hung upon their separate crosses, a question rang out: “Which one should be pardoned?” Back came the cry: “Give us Barabbas.”

Men and women in mobs, swayed by atavistic instincts, ignorance, propaganda and the magnetism of bodies flushed with a sense of power, become beings of an intermediate state: They are neither animal nor man.

Do we not see this at a Trump rally? A regression to a herd mentality. Both men and animals will follow a leader to their own destruction. As for men, we should not be surprised, because the general level of consciousness is not far removed from “Give us Barabbas.”

Raphael O’Suna



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