Keiki set bar high for adult testifiers

After a recent morning in Wailuku, I have a lot of confidence about the future of Maui.

Outside the county building before a County Council meeting at 9 a.m., I was able to chat with a number of young Mauians (maybe 13-14 years old) as they made preparations for the day of the worldwide climate strike. During the session several of them addressed the council on the matter. Wow. Articulate, well-informed, passionate, reasonable but assertive, these keiki set a high bar for the more mature testifiers who followed and many of those could not make the jump.

While the council was still in session accepting public testimony I departed, but exiting the building I was met by one of the kids, who politely explained what they were doing and asked if I would accept an information sheet. As I glanced at it heading to cross the street, here were a group of kids sign-waving and chanting to alert the passing drivers of their message. This was all a part of a well-organized effort.

Perhaps Maui has our own version of Greta Thunberg in our midst. Maybe a future council member ready to join our environmentally conscious legislators to protect the kai containing the priceless coral reef system. Like our current council, this group of youngsters is predominantly, and led by, wahine. Do we see a positive trend unfolding before us? This senior thinks yes and is very glad to finally see it. Mahalo.

Mike Moran



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