Kudos for all who made workforce housing possible

Much appreciation to Valley Isle Fellowship Church, West Maui Land Co. and Maui County for making the Waiale Elua Affordable Workforce Housing Development. We need more projects like this!

Thank you, Valley Isle Fellowship, for making it a prerequisite that the developer keep these homes affordable as a requirement for the land sale. Thank you, West Maui Land, Co., for taking on this project, which had many building requirements to satisfy completion. We need more developers like you. Thank you, County of Maui, for allowing this affordable housing project to be realized for our future working generation.

Our children want to come back home to Maui to live and this housing project makes it possible. This is a beautiful project, with no on-street parking and rules, which benefit the residents and the community.

Mahalo to all who made this Waiale Elua Affordable Workforce Housing Project a reality, and for having the vision for our future working generation.

Harvey Makii



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