Lack of due process based on erroneous claims

As Maui’s resident expert on impeachment, I can say that the claim of a lack of due process so far on the Trump impeachment is hogwash, balderdash, prattle. It repeated the highly erroneous assertions made in the eight-page thriller of Trump’s lawyer, Pat Cipollone, who claimed the House must hold a formal vote to initiate impeachment and to issue subpoenas.

In the Nixon impeachment inquiry, the only legitimate one in U.S. history, Speaker Carl Albert and the House Democratic leadership merely decided Judiciary would conduct an inquiry and it was done. There was no vote because there was no need for one. Similarly, as a standing committee of the House, Judiciary already had the power to issue subpoenas, so it also did not need a vote for permission to issue them. It will be the same if the Trump impeachment ever gets to the right committee, Judiciary, and gets off the ground.

The rest of the due process claptrap applies at the evidentiary phase of an impeachment inquiry, in which the president’s lawyer (can you imagine the circus if it’s either Cipollone or Giuliani) will be allowed to present his own evidence, cross-examine witnesses and, since Trump is involved, the clownishness.

It always helps to know your facts before making assertions, and better yet not to cite unscrupulous liars.

For the facts, see: “High Crimes and Misdemeanors; The Nixon Impeachment Inquiry, Roadmap for the Next One.”

Howard Fields



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