Lots of rocks is opportunity for building stone houses

As usual, great Matthew Thayer photos, this time of the new Kihei high school site (The Maui News, Oct. 12). Rocks, rocks everywhere, an abundance of rocks.

Driving by on Piilani Highway this mountain of rocks grows by the day. With the recent brush fires along the pali even more rocks are exposed. Of course, we know there are rocks everywhere; Maui is one big rock, but these recent events drive the realization home.

Why not build houses out of them? The Hawaiians did. Stone houses stay cool in the heat and termites don’t eat them. Growing up in Pennsylvania, stone farmhouses dotted the landscape. They were functional and beautiful. We have many stone masons on the island that would be up to the task. Witness the attractive stone walls in every neighborhood.

Come on, architects and developers, challenge your creativity and put this abundant resource to good use.

Jamie David

Maui Meadows


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