Mahalo to County Council for wastewater settlement

Mahalo nui to the courageous five of our Maui County Council members who have the integrity and understanding to stand up and vote for the reefs of Maui. The offshore waters of Maui, especially the west side, have been suffering for a long time.

You look out from the beach and it all looks beautiful; but put on goggles and you will notice a greenish tinge, the inside reef has a green slime on the bottom. We have plenty of science and data to prove way high nitrogen and other pollutants. We need to handle our wastewater and not just send it out 3 feet from shore.

The Clean Water Act of 1972 has been the state law. The Trump administration has been attempting to destroy much of our hard-won environmental regulations. The mayor would make loopholes in the Clean Water Act.

Over $4 million has been spent on this fight which is unlikely to succeed. Two courts have already ruled in favor of the existing law. According to council Chairwoman Kelly King, we have $20 million budgeted for Lahaina wastewater.  The mayor says he wants to go forward with improvements?

I believe that everyone wants Maui to be pono. We can now, hopefully, move forward not backward! Aloha aina!

Linda Lyerly



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