Mother meeting with school to discuss conditions in class

I am the mother of a 6-year-old boy that attends King Kamehameha III in Lahaina. My child is in special education classes and is diagnosed with severe autism. Since school has started, his bus rides are 45-55 minutes long. My child overheats quickly. He has a uniform waiver as he cannot wear the thick cotton uniform material. The school will not allow us to print the school logo onto a breathable shirt so he can fit in with his peers.

The school is aware he overheats easily. On Sept. 20, I emailed the school principal the doctor’s note to add air-conditioning accommodations for my child. The school is taking this lightly and my husband and I do not. I’d like to invite you to be part of our community support.

Our lawyer had us remove our child from kindergarten where he loves to learn, but who is now waiting at home until this is resolved. The school knew of his issues with overheating and purchased a handheld fan for his aide to assist him. This is a terrible way to treat our future.

My child has many challenges to face daily, but we cannot chance him succumbing to the high temperatures on the bus. What if my child passed away? Our special needs community is outraged and we need our voices to be heard. Please feel free to call me 298-7874 or email 1rtown83@gmail.com.

Rachel Steven



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