Progressive directs criticism to council member, mayor

For years, progressives have been fighting for agrochemical companies to leave Hawaii. We support small farmers and traditional Hawaiian farming. We also campaigned for aloha aina candidates on county councils and in administrations.

Our goals are to protect the islands from continued desecration and theft of land and water, overdevelopment and tourism that are ruining communities. There has been progress; we have principled people who represent our shared values and consistently make the right choices for the pae aina on our council and in state House positions.

Maui County Mayor Mike Victorino, on the other hand, promised to work with the council but doesn’t want to support their decision about the injection well case, much to the detriment of the Clean Water Act if the Supreme Court rules in Maui’s favor. Then there is Council Member Tasha Kama, who used the support of the progressives to get elected and as soon as she was in office voted against those values she “supported.” She is a wolf in sheep’s clothing who voted for: Patrick Wong as corporation counsel, the injection well case to go to the Supreme Court, the Wailuku project, and the housing development in Lahaina which offers no truly affordable housing, the issue she “supports.”

She will be #onetermtasha as will Victorino, because each year, we gain momentum to huli the system. The activation of the Hawaiians right now is historic and will translate into more representation and a demise of corporate control. TMT will not be built. And don’t get me started on Mahi not Pono.

Sierra Knight



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