Speeders in Ka Ono Ulu are endangering residents

I would like to bring attention to the speeding cars and trucks in our neighborhood, Ka Ono Ulu Estates in Kihei. The posted speed limit is 20 mph on both main streets, Kaonoulu street and Kenolio road. It is a normal occurrence to see cars and trucks driving at speeds up to and beyond 40 and 50 mph.

Now, with all the construction going on, it is even more dangerous. My wife and I walk with our dog and some days, with our granddaughter, have been almost run down in crosswalks by cars and trucks going so fast that we can barely get out of the way. They are going so fast, they can’t or won’t even bother to try to slow down. We would like to see something done to slow people down.

Howie Pearsol



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