Speeding on Kaonoulu real problem for Kihei

I second the message regarding vehicle drivers in north Kihei on Kaonoulu Street (Letters, Oct. 18). I, too, have walked my dogs here for years, and also ride a bicycle. Walking is especially hazardous on the makai portion where there is no sidewalk and frequent flooding.

Vehicles turning off South Kihei Road floor it, and as the road bends near the entrance to “Villas at Kenolio” it is common to hear tires shriek when residents pull out. Even though the roadway is wide, there are almost no designated bike lanes.

I also would like to see something done to slow people down.

We all know MPD setting up there, giving citations, is short-term aid, but what can be long lasting is progressive engineering, which looks like it will come to fruition.

One of the construction projects cited is the timeshare conversion of the old Maui Lu resort. Related to this, Maui County Public Works is considering modern roundabouts at several of the intersections, including Kenolio, Alulike and South Kihei Road. Constructed properly, roundabouts are traffic calming devices which force slower speed of vehicles. Drivers can run red lights, but not roundabouts.

At some point, even the Piilani Highway intersection could be one of a series of roundabouts to reduce tragic accidents which took six lives on the roadway in less than a single year.

Concerned residents can contact DPW to ask where and when the first roundabout on Kaonoulu is expected. Meanwhile, ask MPD for occasional enforcement until long-term engineering exerts consistent control.

Mike Moran



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