Using marijuana ironically leads to prison and relief

Maui Grown Therapies is a welcome relief for patients who no longer have to rely on the “black market.” Their products are not only a relief for my 25-year bout with glaucoma, but also keeps me in a peaceful state of mind.

In 2008, after over three years’ of probation for the first and only crime I had no idea I had committed, traces of marijuana were detected in my urine by my probation officer, resulting in jail time. Bail was set at $50,000. I posted cash.

At the time of detection, my cannabis license was not valid, creating a stipulation favoring the legal system. My probation officer stopped my plea bargain in Judge Rhonda Loo’s courtroom and she passed my case on to Judge Shaklee Raffetto, the creator of the Drug Court program. Now retired, he sentenced me then to five years in prison. It gets better.

After good behavior and $120 grand for prominent Honolulu attorney Michael Green, I was set free after eight months. From that point, I was still facing four years’ parole. Since my license was valid upon my release, my parole officer was fine with me taking my prescribed medication, the very thing I was sent to prison for. True story.

Jeffrey Bagus



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