Where’s the zero tolerance for bullying at school?

My son was physically injured by another student at lunch recess at the basketball courts of his school. A student of the same grade wanted to play ball with them, other kids told him no, but because my son had the ball in his hand, the bully went after him. He called my son names and punched him in the face and then put my son in a headlock while others stood around watching doing nothing. My son’s friend stepped in trying to pry him off my son, but he wouldn’t let up. Instead the bully turned around and punched my son’s friend in the mouth and ran away. The school didn’t notify me at all about this incident; I was told by another student what had happened.

I called the principal to see why I wasn’t notified and if he knew about the incident or not. He laughingly told me, “Oh, I’m sorry. I forgot to call you. It’s a good thing you called me. I was so busy and I just got out of a meeting.” He told me the boy got punished with detention along with my son!

We set up a meeting to talk the next morning in school and I should wait until that meeting to make a police report with the school’s officer on duty. This was not handled the right way or professionally. I should’ve been notified right away. Suspension should’ve been punishment. My son shouldn’t be punished with detention for getting bullied. They didn’t even call for medical help to evaluate him and check him out. Where’s the zero tolerance for bullying? I want justice and awareness of what is happening in our schools because it gets hushed and swept under the rug.

Heidi Medeiros



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