Affordable housing meeting shows needy below wealthy

Great job at the county’s affordable housing workshop last week. Now let’s give our lists from what we learned and want to implement to the Mayor’s Office c/o Lori Tsuhako, director of housing at director.hhc @mauicounty.gov.

The mayor asked at least three times: “What is the alternative to affordable housing?” Finally someone said: “McMansions.”

I thought of a quote from the Dalai Lama: “The real destroyer of inner peace is fear and distrust. Fear develops frustration, frustration develops anger, anger develops violence.”

As we look around our families, friends, the locals, we see this every day. The real fear of losing housing, the anger of living on the street, in our cars, the destruction of families, the home-wreckers, the low-paying jobs, the overpriced rentals, the frustration that it takes years of hearings to refurbish 12 condos for $5 million and call it affordable rentals. The sadness of homelessness, the hopelessness of housing, the shaming of innocents, the rich men stepping over Lazarus.

Luke 16:19-31 is a picture of how life looks from God’s perspective when the rich create chasms between themselves and the poor and needy. Though the rich could learn much and benefit greatly from the presence of the poor and needy among them, they separate themselves from those who are considered “beneath” them.

Sylvia Cabral



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