Death apparently no cause for canceling phone account

My mother died in September, so we decided to cancel her Hawaiian Telcom land line because it was there for only her friends to call. I called Hawaiian Telcom to cancel but they said only the person on the bill can do that. I explained to them that my mother had passed away and since I was the one paying the bill for the past 20 to 25 years, I wanted to cancel it. In order to cancel, they said I needed to send them a death certificate, which I did but that I was not authorized to cancel because my name was not on the bill. I needed some kind of special document to cancel.

In the meantime, they send a bill past due but since I cannot cancel the account, I told them that I cannot pay the bill, and that they can go to the graveyard and try and collect it from the one on the bill. Now they send me another letter saying I need to send them a photo ID of myself in order for them to cancel the account.

They have to do something about their policy to cancel. It’s not that I am canceling to go to a different company. I am just trying to cancel because of death in the family. So, if any if you have a parent’s name on your Hawaiian Telcom bill, make sure you change it or cancel it now before you have the same trouble as me.

Vincent Takaki



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