Despite hospital criticism, Maui Memorial was great

I know we all hear news about Maui Memorial that is not all good, so I just wanted to submit this positive report.

My wife just came home from five days at the hospital. During her stay, all the staff were great, from the initial reception, to the OR to the post-op staff. I never saw an employee or medical professional that didn’t seem to love their work.

The nurses, their assistants, OR staff, everyone was wonderful. Their dedication and professionalism were evident all the time.

It was very reassuring to see that our one hospital here on Maui seems to be heading in the right direction, at least that is what we just experienced.

Also, the surgery was performed by neurosurgeon Dr. Joel Ulloth. We are so fortunate to have him here now. He is the best.

Thank you to all.

Stephen Rodgers



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