Don’t allow confidence to undermine country

The baffling success of President Donald Trump? Confidence. I have to believe that is one significant reason why 30 percent of Americans idolize him.

He is confident when he promotes himself as the reason for economic success, building upon a ten-year run. He is confident when he calls people losers; when he touts the biggest crowd for any presidential inauguration; when he labels an evidenced transcript of bribery as perfect; and when he calls the U.S. Constitution’s emoluments clause phony.

A trillion dollars a year added to the national debt is his expansion plan; paying off porn stars is his right; using campaign contributions for business is completely fine, unless caught. The whistleblower, Trump states assuredly, should be tried for treason; not because of untruth, but because the person snitched.

With each Trump lie or disgusting tweet, you’d think his bullying and popular reign would end. But no. Instead, a crowd cheers Trump on. Inspired, convinced, and continually warned of any enemy other than Trump on 24-hour Fox News.

Trump’s confident words cloud his instability, his far greater insecurities, his ineptness, his warped sense of right and wrong. He shouldn’t run a country.

Trump, don’t bankrupt this country as you have several businesses. We refuse to go down with you, every American included. Democracy should prevail over confident lies.

Kelli Lundgren



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