Fitting partisan vote came on Halloween

Very fitting that the partisan impeachment vote came on Halloween, with the witch holding her gavel and the goblins all gleefully writhing their hands showing us their demonic souls.

Make no mistake, this is the vote they wanted even before the bad, orange man was inaugurated, but it already backfired. Just like the three votes before, the Russia hoax, and now the Ukraine hoax, the Dems have put it on record their hatred for this president and in turn hatred of the country. The president has committed no crimes, no treason, no misdemeanors, and eventually all this showboating will die in the Senate.

What this vote did do was strengthen the Republican base. All these Dems who promised to work with the president will be voted out, the squad is almost certain to be voted out, so some can get back to bartending. This guaranteed that the House, Senate and White House will all be secured in 2020. The do nothing, anti-American, Communist-supporting Democrats have just enraged an already angry lion.

Stephen Phillips



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