Get it together county on safeguarding aina

What a mess Maui is in at the moment, given the apparent self-imposed inability and extremely long-term, tiresome grandstanding by all of our elected officials. Each, it seems, trying to outdo the other while significant issues of water, fire, land management and the well-being of the aina continues to suffer.

The newly elected majority, it seems to me, is no better than those who they replaced — acting no differently. It also appears to be a circus of sorts, as no one seems clear about the laws and statues that govern those elected to govern.

Get it together, people, beginning from the Mayor’s Office on through the County Council, county lawyers and departments. The island burns, the fields are fallow and degrading, water is being wasted, while the mission of our new plantation bosses being very unclear, and we the citizens left out of any significant update as to any serious, coordinated plans between the local government and our largest landowner and all of its continental pensioners.

We need a county manager fully accountable to the citizens and not a childish ragtag collection of “me-first” politicians who are accountable to whom I am not quite sure. Do you know whose pulling whose strings?

Vincent Linares



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