Great congressional rep needed for Hawaii

There are many federal solutions for issues faced on the islands. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard’s position in Congress should be filled with someone who can both serve Maui residents and also properly handle foreign and domestic affairs. It would be great to elect someone who can be diplomatic among the other 434 congresspersons, and make Hawaiians feel that they are not forgotten out “in left field.”

I fear that the needs of Hawaii are being treated like we are Puerto Rico. In fact, on several matters, Hawaii should be near the top of the list in federal funding for such things as infrastructure and environmental protection. The United States’ 50th is a treasure and very important resource for the country. Just look how many tourists love their vacations here!

I suggest voters look at The Green Party for solutions. Solutions that work both immediately and in the long term. While Congress seems to ignore climate change and water rights legislation, Hawaii can take the lead and be an example for the rest of the USA and world. 2020 is the next opportunity.

David A. Dailey

Woodside, Calif.


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