Impeaching Trump vs. ideal society

“I have done nothing wrong,” many girlfriends and boyfriends, spouses, business partners, politicians or countries say to vehemently defend themselves. Could they instead ask, “How do you feel that I have wronged you?” Or, “how can we find a win-win solution which peacefully and even joyously moves us forward?”

Polls show that most people are tired of all the time and money Congress is spending on hearings to try to impeach president Trump. Shouldn’t Congress get to work on infrastructure, the USMCA trade deal, etc.? In next year’s election, we don’t have to re-elect Trump for a second term.

Wanting to create the ideal society, I have promoted the idea of creating Mauitopia for the last decade. (For a full description download for free the pamphlet at mauitopia.org). In Mauitopia, there would be no violent crime, we would all do what we love, while living aloha.

Ori Kopelman



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