Made in Maui festival needs venue change

With approximately 10,000 people patronizing the Made in Maui County Festival — every year for the past six years, attendance has been increasing at a healthy rate — it is time for the sponsors to look for a bigger and more convenient venue than the MACC.

In addition to the hot, crowded venue, some festival attendees were creating traffic nightmares for those who were going to the regular swap meet at the college. Despite signs stating that the UH-Maui parking was for students and swap meet patrons only, there were disrespectful and inconsiderate people who ignored the signs and parked in the college’s parking lot.

I strongly recommend that next year, the festival be at the county fairgrounds. Also, if the festival date was moved up to the second week in October, a week after the fair, the fair’s food booths could be left standing for food vendors to rent; the commercial tent could house the various craft vendors; the eating tent could be left standing so people could eat in the shade; and the entertainment tent would be the perfect venue for Maui’s new and upcoming entertainers to display their talent.

By using back-to-back weekends, the two most popular activities in Maui County would get a one-two punch to the Maui no ka oi slogan that we so proudly proclaim.

William Kinaka



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