Make housing affordable to middle-class families

Affordable housing is available for low-income families when their income is lower than $54,000. What about middle-class families’ income that falls between $54,000 and below $75,000 that are struggling from paycheck to paycheck? There are no affordable housing programs for middle-class families.

Sometimes it is difficult for the middle class to save money in order to put a down payment on a home with all other expenses like child care. Their income is over the threshold for low-income housing qualification and yet they are forgotten about. There are struggling families who would like to purchase or even have affordable rent like HUD, which is only available for low-income families.

My thoughts on a possible solution to this problem: Offer new housing projects available for middle-class families whose income is $54,000-$75,000 and who would be able to purchase a home with no closing cost fees. Have available options for rental programs like HUD for middle-class families.

Middle-class families can volunteer to help build duplexes or attacheded unit for purchase or rentals. Give them a sense of peace of mind, less stress on housing problems.

Marcee Tabb



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