Mauna Kea message about sharing, future

People who support TMT are running professional ads and commercials. Perhaps it will be added to the 2020 election ballot as, “Are you for TMT or not for TMT?” TMT supporters also blame Gov. David Ige, saying he is weak, clueless and gutless, and has not done his duty to the state and he should step down. TMT supporters are visibly startled to see Hawaiian flags on vehicles, and people wearing T-shirts in support for Mauna Kea.

All the while, Mauna Kea, is still reaching out to all people, visitors, tourists who might have a change of heart in believing that we can learn to share our land, our water and our future for the ones we leave behind.

“Our message is about love,” said George Helm of Molokai in the 1970s movement of Protect Kaho’olawe Ohana.

Mauna Kea is worth it! Come and visit our protectors on the mountain, ask questions, experience the protocol ceremony and if you can support us, we will be grateful.

John Kahawaii


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