Mayor shows true colors regarding water lawsuit

Mayor Mike Victorino ran for election by pretending to be a green and environmentally friendly candidate. He boasted about his care for the people. Now he shows his true colors.

The elected County Council voted to settle the EPA injection well case, and take care of the problem. Victorino ignored and overrode that decision in favor of fighting the EPA in the Supreme Court. If Maui’s mayor succeeds, this sets precedent which helps water polluters throughout America.

Now national news pairs Maui County with the interests of the Trump Administration in gutting the Clean Water Act. The people here get to continue swimming in staph-infected, sewage-contaminated water. Doctors have to continue to advise children with compromised immunity not to swim in the ocean near Lahaina and other areas most affected.

This is a horrifying and humiliating situation. Just as the Trump Administration is under investigation by the House of Representatives, I hope the Maui County Council investigates the mayor for corruption related to this decision.

Chandrika McLaughlin



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