Sick and tired of corporate destruction of island

I just attended a meeting at Kapalua in regard to the Verizon tower that is being proposed for location in Napili. It will be located right across from the Napili Fire Station, across the Honoapiilani Highway close to the school. When I attended the meeting, there were only five other people there from our community.

I had not heard of this meeting until my friend, who lives in Napilihau Villages, received a letter just recently from the engineering company representing Verizon. I live in the original Napilihau community and I was unaware of this issue. Nothing was in the local newspapers either.

The location of this tower is too close to the school and our neighborhoods. There is much research showing the harmful effects from these towers.

Someone at the meeting suggested putting the tower smack dab in the middle of any Kapalua golf course or by the million-dollar homes in Kapalua — not a bad idea — or why not put it up in on Maui Land & Pine property?

I asked the gentlemen there who represented Verizon, “Why are you building this when our Verizon reception is just fine?” Bottom line, all about the money and beating all the other cellphone companies the access to more economic opportunities. All about the money.

I am sick and tired of seeing my beautiful island destroyed by these companies. Leave us be!

Please, neighbors, have your voice heard. Call our West Maui council member, call the mayor. Write a letter. We can stop this before it happens.

Su Campos



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