Slow drivers dangerous, can cause accidents

I’m writing to bring attention to address the danger of slow drivers in the left lane. Sometimes I think they do this because they are stubborn, which is irritating to the other drivers.

When they do this, it slows traffic for everybody. People driving slow on the fast lane can cause accidents. Other drivers try to pass sometimes when it’s not safe. Not only is it dangerous, it’s illegal in every state. The left lane is for passing or for faster drivers.

I have an idea to solve the problem. Maybe if we have flashing signs or street markings to remind slow drivers to drive in the right lane. Because it isn’t about courtesy, it’s about obeying the laws.

I’ve seen a couple of signs that say slower traffic keep right. I don’t feel it’s enough because slow drivers still drive in both lanes, so they need to be reminded. Police should issue tickets for slow drivers who disobey the law to prevent accidents.

Patrick McGoldrick



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