Transfer stockpiled sand to Kamaole beaches

Yes! You can help protect our beaches and dunes for the next generation. You can urge lawmakers to find the funding to transfer the stockpiled dune sand that is under wraps at the Kihei Boat Ramp for the nourishment of the Kamaole beaches, where the sand originated.

The state of Hawaii funded the dredging. The contractor secured and provided protection for the sand.

And now Maui County can complete the task by trucking the sand to the best location for the next step.

Once the sand is in place, volunteers in South Maui are standing by ready to work with UH Sea Grant on beach trail management and native plant propagation.

That sand is the lifeblood of our beaches and without sand dunes our coastline is at risk. In the long-term scheme of things, you would be hard pressed to name a more important ingredient for the protection of our beaches than sand. Revetment walls, boulders and geotextile bags are all expensive solutions with major negative side effects. Sand is the number one solution for coastal protection, and there is a huge stockpile sitting ready to deploy.

Mahalo to Maui County and the administration for positive policies that help protect our coastline beaches and dunes. Please put words into action and make transferring that sand for Kamaole beach nourishment a top priority.

Bob and Lis Richardson



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