Trump rally needs accurate description

I read an Oct. 26 letter to The Maui News with a title about “Government barriers signals of corruption” in which the writer connects Trump rallies to the ancient courtyard where Christians lost the Son of God to Barnabas. How this fit the title of her letter I don’t know.

She did make it very clear that the mob crying, “Give us Barabbas” is like the packed house at Trump rallies. Here’s her description: “Men and women in mobs, swayed by atavistic instincts, ignorance, propaganda and the magnetism of bodies flushed with a sense of power become beings of an intermediate state: They are neither animal or man.”

She starts her next paragraph with, “Do we not see this at a Trump rally?” Answer: No, double no! She, like most liberals, is willfully ignorant of what is really going on in our country and would rather drink Kool-Aid while getting news on social media than watch a featured event on a substantiated news network.

Basically, Trump rally attendees are Americans, predominately Christians, who come from near and far to listen to their president of the United States. They stand in line to get into the arena, most often harassed by protesters who might fit her description above.

They come because they want to hear a patriotic speech reminding them that this is America, a land of immigrants who bonded with this country to become citizens of a great nation under God. They are reminded, in his speech, that this president shares our values, hopes and dreams.

Marlene Singlehurst



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