Veterans urged to support pro-life

Don’t you get tired sometimes of people just telling you “thank you for your service”? It is nice that they express their appreciation for the sacrifices we have made for our country, but would it be nicer if they show their appreciation. From now on if someone tells me thank you for your service, I am going to tell them thank you for expressing your appreciation but the best way you can demonstrate your appreciation is to vote pro-life because if we don’t stop killing babies in our country we won’t have soldiers to defend our way of life in the future.

I would like to start an organization in every state in America called veterans for life — can you support me in that effort? We men and women who demonstrated our willingness to put our lives on the line for this country need to support life in every way possible. Someone once said, “a soldier never dies but just fades away.” I will fade away only when our country stops killing its babies.

Norman C. Franco



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