Wailuku Civic Complex unacceptable as proposed

Since 1995, Brown & Kobayashi has been a part of Wailuku. We chose Wailuku for its quaint shops, eateries and its overall appeal for the type of business we are in. However, every small town has its ups and downs. In the last two years, Wailuku has suffered a downward shift: We’ve lost almost all of our restaurants and we have lost one-half of our retail space within Wailuku town, which affects all of us.

I have seen literature on Wailuku being “safe and clean” — this is far from the truth!

At Weinberg’s Pono Center, trash is all around the building, including human feces.

The Health Department has been notified.

Another area we have problems with is people that walk their dogs along Market Street. The dogs are urinating and defecating all over (even along the sidewalks) and no one takes responsibility for their pets.

The preservation of our small historic town is important, along with enhancements to the historical quality. If this venture ever gets approved in building/developing Wailuku, it has to be in conformity with the surrounding historical aesthetics. There is no way that a four-level, 425-car parking stall structure will fit in with this — which may take approximately one-half of the existing open area and may obstruct our breezes that come through Wailuku.

The Wailuku Civic Complex is going to take up an additional one-quarter of the open area.

I am stoically opposed to this Wailuku Civic Complex for these reasons.

Ronald D. Brown



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