Allow residents to help MECO buy a solar plant

Allow Maui residents to help Maui Electric Co. buy a big solar plant, likely in the central valley, as follows: If residents could help buy a share of a facility so that their bill from then on would be calculated at 5 cents per kilowatt hour plus the fixed monthly fee for transmission and repair costs, instead of 36 cents per kWh or so that we pay now if we don’t have solar already, it would help hold down the cost of living on Maui.

Even better, if all the capital for the solar facility could be raised by Maui County bonds (now at very low rates, I believe), those bonds might be bought by the people for less cash than paying for a share of the plant (more residents might be eligible that way).

If you agree, please send me an email saying so: Ev.Senter@gmail.com.

Everett Senter



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