Blaming HUD for lack of housing laughable

Having tried to find a rental on a HUD voucher awhile back when the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development released 500 vouchers here on Maui, I found none that were willing to take the voucher. So, blaming HUD for the lack of affordable housing is just laughable.

It is not the government’s fault that there is a lack of affordable housing on Maui. If you own property on Maui and you don’t live in said property, you rent it to people. Yes, you raise the prices because you can; there are people who can afford it. There is no incentive to keep those rents low.

This could be done by cutting property taxes if you don’t raise the rent for each year. Most rental properties are now investments. As repairs increase in price, so do rents. But both the government and private sectors are run on greed, no one wants to give an inch. Until this deadlock is broken, there will be a lack of affordable housing here on Maui.

James Hoover



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