Donate in someone’s name as meaningful holiday gift

This Christmas I had the idea of giving meaningful gifts to nieces, nephews, etc., instead of guessing about what they might want.

I am going to donate money in their name to an environmental group. There are so many great organizations to give to: Sierra Club Maui, Surfrider Foundation, Earth Justice, Maui Tomorrow, Coral Reef Alliance, etc.

Sierra Club Maui will send a thank-you certificate for a donation. Surfrider has nice gifts included in a donation.

It is my hope that many people will also make donations as Christmas gifts in someone’s name. Such a gift would also make a nice stocking stuffer to go with another gift.

We all need to get involved in positive ways to slow the demise of our planet — Mother Earth.

Our coral reefs, oceans and land are in a crisis and I believe that these organizations are working hard for the environment and have their hearts in the right place.

Suzanne Albers



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