OHA may be in trouble over TMT stance

Bingo! Go ahead and move forward Thirty Meter Telescope! As I indicated before, the Office of Hawaiian Affairs is in no position to point fingers when they themselves have blood on their own hands.

Taxpayers, I say we go after our money! I warned you to check yourselves before you wrecked yourselves. Like the protesters said themselves, “all the darkness shall come to light.” Well, it appears we are all seeing you in the light now, aren’t we?

At this point, OHA better be sure they have enough money to pay for all the criminal and legal lawsuits coming their way. They may need to make a call to The Rock, Jason Manoa and Marley Jr. for some financial assistance. And this all comes off the heels of their own 60-day threat of intent to sue back in September, which they are unable to follow through with as they have absolutely no grounds to do so. Only fools are drinking their Kool-Aid!

I’m with former Gov. Ben Cayetano — it might be time to abolish OHA all together, greedy coconuts!

Lisa Malakaua



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