Opposition is now support for Pulelehua development

I and Stand Up Maui opposed the initial presentation by Paul Cheng of Maui Oceanview LP for the Pulelehua development because the workforce housing units had been reduced from 50 percent to about 30 percent. The state Land Use Commission heard the concerns from many of us and told Paul to go back to the community to find out their needs and he did. From September to December, he met with many, including Kai Nishiki. Because of Paul’s and Kai’s efforts, the workforce housing in the Pulelehua development has increased back to 50 percent.

I and Stand Up Maui wrote to the LUC to change our opposition to support. Stand Up Maui believes that Paul has shown that a listening developer can meet the needs of the community and make a profit too. Stand Up Maui congratulates Paul and Kai for showing us a way that we can work together to meet the housing needs by talking and listening to each other.

The LUC commissioners have said that they believe that this conversation between the community and the developer is the model for future proposed housing developments and Stand Up Maui totally agrees.

Thank you, LUC commissioners, Paul Cheng, Kai Nishiki and all others involved in the new Pulelehua development.

Stan Franco



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