Stronger action needed for OHA malfeasance

Office of Hawaiian Affairs was recently audited by CLA, or Clifford Larsen Allen, whose offices span throughout the U.S. and no office in Hawaii. Therefore, there is little bias or animus to not report the facts as they completed an audited of OHA concerning the mismanagement of millions of dollars of taxpayers’ money.

In their finding, nearly 85 percent of transactions had dubious accountability. Evidence and fact of no management of insider dealing, competitive bidding and follow-up as required by state law. As a former state public housing manager for Maui County who oversaw hundreds of thousands of dollars of purchase orders, procedures and follow-up concerning the work we did, I find it appalling to see that OHA again will try to brush this as procedural matter under that mat, without a full legal investigation of wrongdoing.

It is clear the unguided decisions by the former CEO has led to many instances of malefic behavior and decisions that are in contrary to best practices concerning awards, purchases and other needs designated by any state agency. It is time that Colette Machado and OHA take the steps that may find the need to prosecute and hold individuals responsible. To say the procedures are being updated is, in short, a shameful disregard to our community. Stronger action is required.

Cliff R. Libed