Takes umbrage over editorial on middle class

“Where are the politicians who will work for a better future for the middle class? So far, they are in hiding” states The Maui News editorial of Dec. 6.

Its Dec. 7 Associated Press article “Employers add 266,000 jobs in November” on Page A8 answers by reporting “(T)he unemployment rate now at a half-century low of 3.5 percent . . . there are fewer unemployed workers available . . . Steady job growth has helped reassure consumers that the economy is expanding and that their jobs and incomes remain secure. . . . Investors cheered the report, sending the Dow Jones industrial average up 340 points in afternoon trading . . . companies have been more creative about enticing workers as the ranks of the unemployed dwindle. . . .

“Some are willing to hire people who are less qualified and train them, raising pay to attract more applicants. Still others are offering flexible work schedules. . . . These efforts have lifted the proportion of Americans with jobs and lowered the unemployment rate by much more than many economists thought possible. . . .

“Average hourly pay for workers which covers about 80 percent of the workforce, rose 3.7 percent in November from a year ago. . . . Americans in their prime working years, age 25 through 54, with a job was 80.3 percent last month, matching October’s level as the highest since January 2007.”

Greg Kauwe