17 secret services constitute our nation’s dark power

We have been told that the United States has 17 separate security agencies. One might add that our country has 17 secret services. Spy services, domestic and foreign counterintelligence groups, powerful bureaucracies consisting of unelected men and women. Because of their extensiveness, their unspecified powers and operations and their lack of real continuous oversight, one might say that these agencies represent America’s id. A psychological mechanism which operates below the consciousness of the citizenry.

These desk-bound, snooping, sometimes violent people serve the primal, primitive, basic needs and demands of the ruling class. They often serve the lowest instincts of self-preservation, retention of power and preemptive violence. They are a police force which values paranoia, selfish personal interest and independence.

This octopus of surveillance, secrecy and document classification also interferes in the power structures of other nations. Our secret services — our so-called security organizations — have been known to kidnap, torture, assassinate and simply murder with or without oversight. And always to hide the evidence of their crimes.

The id is often a dark part of an organism, an overreacting force which often seeks neither compromise nor reconciliation. Expediency is the preferred motive of those who project their own motives and darkest urges onto others. Fear, suspicion, doubt and threat create an unsound mindset within the halls of entrenched members isolated from the more cooperative and sounder ways to interrelate. The psychological id and these 17 ministries of mayhem are our nation’s dark power.

Raphael O’Suna



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