Appreciate every year with passion, gratitude

Appreciate every year with passion and gratitude as we believe with courage to overcome challenges and aging fears. Ask for help as needed and use wisdom to move forward!

Admit with faith to obey and believe remembering death is a necessary part of living

Get up and be happy to walk the path of life with everlasting relationships and gratitude for the breath of life.

We shall experience beauty as we obey God’s word and walk with forgiveness and happiness. For I have experienced beauty in new and unseen ways celebrating relationships my 76 years of life. God’s gifts of three children, five grandsons and also seven great-grandchildren. Blessed with a faithful and spirit-filled husband all 37 years, we have been chosen to minister as volunteers in all facilities that have held our Hawaii residents since 1999. Trust and be healed.

Psalm 91: 1-2, “our God in Him will we trust.”

Chaplain Henrietta Pua and Al K. Hashimoto,

Freedom Life Ministry, Wailuku


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