Flooding on agenda at next KCA meeting

In this century, South Maui residents agree the most frequently flooded intersection was at Kaonoulu Street and South Kihei Road. We have numerous examples on this on the Kihei Community Association website, www.gokihei.org.

But recently, this has drastically lessened. It’s too soon to state that the Kulanihakoi River will not overflow again, but some are asking if the construction of several new projects “upriver” may have some effect? The timeshare at the Maui Lu is most affected by flooding at the outfall, but what about the Kenolio Apartments, high school and the MECO substation? Have they diverted or slowed the flow allowing water to be absorbed into the aina? Or could this be part of climate change? Trade wind patterns have altered, and record hot days exploded this year.

We have some well-qualified professional reporting of what’s happening in the entire SW Maui watershed at the general membership meeting on Jan. 21 at 6:30 p.m. at St. Theresa, Lipoa Street and South Kihei Road, as we welcome senior ecologist Michael Reyes. Mark it on your 2020 calendar. Why not note that third Tuesday for every alternate month to November for relevant topics of interest to our community at KCA membership meetings?

Also learn who the 2020 board of directors elected as KCA officers, info on the upcoming census, and a brief overview of the 2019 County Council year.

Do not forget your donation of nutritious nonperishable food for the Maui Food Bank to kick off our 2020 campaign.

Happy New Year!

Mike Moran, President

Kihei Community Association


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