Hatemongering church has no business in Hawaii

As it is law, no politics near election polls, there should be a law for Hawaii — no protests near schools.

Regarding Westboro Baptist church members, leave your hate to yourselves, we do not want it here on our island. The young lady has a right to live her one and only life that gives her peace, identity, freedom and happiness. It is her business, her life.

It is good that she has family, friends and a school who are supportive. You all should be proud in taking a stand. No crime committed, just love and understanding.

Westboro Baptist church members, seeing your sign “God loves dead soldiers” made me so very sad and very angry.

I cannot imagine so much hatred. Soldiers fought for our freedom including yours!

Westboro Baptist believers, you hate all that our freedom and our rights stand for, God Bless America. Take the other door, not the one to Maui.

H.A. Naomi Campbell