Kihei Pro-Arts production defines distinctive learning

For many years, before I retired, I was the director of a private, independent school in Wailuku. We were where those students who had tried all other remedies were “placed.” I liked to call them “distinctive learners,” because their brains seemed to be wired differently from the majority of students; not worse, just differently. Did you know that there are approximately 6 million Americans who might qualify for that label? How many do you know?

Unless you’ve been living or working with one (or more), you probably consider them a nuisance. That’s the norm for anything out of the ordinary, at first. But, imagine if you could see the world as they do, what powerful insight you would gain!

“The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time” does just that. It began as a book, where most of the blanks could be filled in by the reader. Now, as a play, those blanks are vividly and compellingly portrayed, not only by the characters but also by the scenery, lighting, sound effects and “stagehands.”

The current Pro-Arts production, at their boutique theater in Kihei, does a masterful job of luring us into the mind of Christopher Boone (Molly Oberg) as he attempts to solve the murder of his neighbor’s pet, and solves a much bigger enigma of his own in the process.

If you wish to be not only spellbindingly entertained, but also to learn an invaluable lesson, I urge you to go! This is the best (script, cast and tech) of the best of Maui; do not miss.

Nai’a Newlight