Lanai council candidate allied with billionaire

The liquor commissioner has announced that she will run for the County Council’s Lanai residency seat. I’m not sure why. In The Maui News article of Jan. 9, she was very upfront with her support of the billionaire owner of Lanai. She sees no problem with him owning 90 percent of the island, controlling 90 percent of the jobs, buying the power grid, and owning the newspaper. She testified in favor of his giant wind farm to benefit Oahu and a huge fleet of 5G drones with their own landing field to be built on Lanai.

She trusts the billionaire, a billionaire that shut down both resorts for remodeling so independent businesses went belly up due to lack of tourists, that offered $500 “kamaaina” room rates for the “Paddle for Life” volunteers, and the same one that has failed to provide senior housing or affordable homes for his own workers.  

I don’t think we need someone on the council that will be checking with the billionaire on every vote.  Each council member represents the whole county, not one man, or one island.

We have a better option. Gabe Johnson has run for that seat twice against a well-established incumbent and came within 4 percent with a honest, humble, grassroots campaign and knocking on doors on his days off.  Odds are that Gabe’s opponent will be better funded than him so look him up online and think about what you want to ask him when he knocks on your door.

Mike Wildberger