Questions about ID use not concern of DMV here

I recently took my son, who is a college student, to the DMV for a Hawaii State ID. The agent at the DMV was only concerned that his expired driver’s license used to be a real ID and claimed you can only have “one” from one federal ID and that Hawaiian ID cards are real IDs. We were not looking for a real ID only a Hawaii State ID. The state should offer your choice to meet your needs.

After waiting almost an hour for our turn at the DMV, we were not issued anything because she was concerned my son would need to pay $80 here and then his Hawaii ID would be confiscated when he got a driver’s license in the state he attends school.

This is none of her concern. She had no right to refuse a ID card when we were willing to pay the fee. This is not the intent of federal real IDs. People have different ID necessities. The Hawaii DMV is abusing the system and needs to work it out instead playing God as to who they want to accommodate.

My advice to any local here in a similar situation is to not answer any questions about a driver’s license (it is not required on their website to obtain a state ID) and present your passport and other documentation. I could not find a complaint form on DMV’s website, so I felt this is the only way I can help someone else!

Carol Daum