Questions liberals’ veracity on topic of climate change

I find it somewhat amusing when I read about how politicians want to take control of the Earth’s climate by changing how we live our lives vis-a-vis changing CO2 emissions et al.

I sure wish the liberals would wake up to the fact that CO2 is a beneficial gas without which life as we know it on the planet could not exist. If they’re worried about greenhouse gasses, they should work on a way to end the evaporation that takes place each day on our lakes and oceans. Water vapor is the primary greenhouse gas. Every other gas is only a very tiny fraction of total greenhouse gasses.

And I have a question — if it’s no longer “global warming” that’s the problem rather it’s “climate change,” then these phony experts have no clue which way the temperatures are going and the only way they’d be going up, if at all, would be due to the greenhouse effect. If, instead, they are going down, that would signal a reduction in greenhouse gasses and therefore even if CO2 was a problem, which it is not, we wouldn’t have to worry about it.

A Jan. 17 letter to the editor mentioned “rising sea levels.” If the seas were in fact rising, I think by now those of us on the west side would need to traverse the pali by boat rather than by car.

Terry Pennington