Yes, Virginia, there is a Sugar Cane Train

For years on Maui, whenever he was asked, Santa could always say, “Yes, Virginia there is a Sugar Cane Train.” Sadly, that may have come to an end with the reported demise of the “Holiday Express,” aka “Sugar Cane Train” (The Maui News Jan. 1).

As delightful and family oriented as the train rides have been, they also represent one of the last reminders of a different era and a different time on Maui. Like the Lahaina smokestack, the train is the only remaining physical manifestation of a time when a complete railroad network crisscrossed the island in the days of the sugar plantations.

The train deserves to be saved and preserved as a working model of a time quickly becoming a part of our past. I respectfully urge the corporate owners of the train’s lease to work with the mayor and the County Council to save the train. Let’s not let this important part of Maui silently fade away.

Joan E. Martin



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