Federalist Papers warned of demagogues, factions

Donald Trump is the man and his supporters the angry faction the framers warned us about in The Federalist Papers. When Trump was elected, I was appalled. Once in office, I watched with apprehension as he lurched from outrage to scandal to outrage to scandal. Nonetheless, absent nuclear war (to date), I was opposed to impeachment. It would be time and resource consuming, divisive, likely to provoke his base and would fail in the Republican Senate. And the solution to maladministration, of which there has been plenty, is election defeat, not impeachment.

Then came the Ukrainian scandal. This was not a problematic phone call but a yearlong shadow campaign attempting to force Ukraine into influencing our next election, something they initially strenuously resisted. This was simply way over the line and could not go unchallenged. As bad as it was in and of itself, the real question was what would this fool do next? It didn’t take long. In short order he impulsively withdrew stabilizing troops from northern Syria, abandoning the Kurds and allowing Turkey and Russia to gain control of the area. Then, almost before one could take another breath, intervened inappropriately in a military justice matter? One had to wonder how much more damage he could do to this country before the next election if completely unchallenged.

Now that he has been “acquitted,” he will be at his very worst. Four more years of this buffoon is unthinkable but, unfortunately, not unimaginable.

Jon Betwee



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