Kind male children rare, I’ve known only one

Kind male children are rare. I’ve known only one. A small boy, but quick in body and mind, and fierce when righteous.

There was one black child in his class, and he defended her. The bullies and bigots backed off. When another young girl was crying in the desk next to him, he consoled her. Because her father had lost his factory job, our friend asked his own father if he could hire the man.

It was unusual for a small child to have a social conscience, moral courage and a cordial heart.

When his 5th grade classmates passed around a petition to have their teacher fired, our friend stood before the class, before Mrs. Koehner arrived, and gave a speech that both Frank Capra and his parents would have been proud of. He did not defend her on merit. Mrs. Koehner was old, worn out and made no effort to teach. She probably had a low opinion of the children of immigrants, as well.

The boy argued that Public School 32 would not fire a teacher in the middle of the term. Thus, would the class want a teacher risen from the dead out to punish them? Or would they prefer a teacher who let them read comic books, talk to each other, and who had let them listen to the World Series?

A month later she was dead.

The boy’s motives were hidden deep in his consciousness; but kindness was a reflex of his heart.

Raphael O’Suna



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