McKelvey introduces bill, Lahaina still short lots

Mahalo to West Maui State Rep. Angus McKelvey for introducing HB 2267 this legislative session to appropriate $24,700,000 in funding to build infrastructure for Department of Hawaiian Home Lands Leiali’i 1B in Lahaina, right above the Lahaina Civic Center and Honokowai DHHL project.

McKelvey personally met with DHHL Chair William Aila and staff to ask how he could help move the DHHL projects along in his district. And McKelvey followed through by introducing this legislation. Other legislators backed him up on the bill, such as DeCoite and Hashimoto.

According to the DHHL 2004 Maui Island Plan, 14 percent of applicants preferred to live in West Maui, and yet 0 percent of DHHL lots existed in West Maui at the time. Once Leiali’i 1A was built and awarded in Lahaina around 2008, that still meant only 5 percent of Maui DHHL lots were in West Maui, still short of the 14 percent who preferred to live in West Maui. According to the projected DHHL Maui Island plan, Lahaina should have gotten 411 lots developed for West Maui by 2024. However, that goal will fall short. DHHL is planning to have 75 lots developed in 2023 for Leiali’i 1B-1, 125 lots developed in 2024 in Leiali’i 1B-2, 25 lots in 2023 in Honokowai, and lastly, 25 lots in 2024 in Honokowai. So, by 2024, if all the funding is secured, and by adding the existing 104 lots from Leiali’i 1A, that means 354 lots will be developed by 2024 and not the 411 that was projected.

Kanani Higbee



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